Opinion and evaluation

Statement on the Codigo Universo seminars/workshops and the social network aimeim.info

I met Dieter Liedtke when I was looking for creative training for our employees years ago. I wanted to make our employees more creative and to invent and develop more products and better methods through a broader base of creativity to expand our good market position in the long term.

Despite an intensive search, I could not find anyone in Germany who could offer such training courses according to my ideas until 1999, when I met Dieter Liedtke at the Art Open, who was living in Mallorca at the time. The first thing I learned from him is that creativity should not be trained in the classical sense, but that creativity - which is present in all people in fundamentally different ways - has to be encouraged or brought to light. This should also be done whenever possible. After agreeing on the content and the preparation of a seminar and creativity workshops, our company supported Dieter Liedtke with computer equipment for the preparation as well as with the research of the research results. From this he developed appropriate material for the implementation of the workshops and seminars. After the workshops, I spoke with participants from our own companies and, for example, with participants from Tchibo, IBM... to find out whether the workshops and seminars had brought them personally and what they had brought them. The general statement was that they were all much freer, had more personal power, were healthier (physically and mentally), had fewer limitations in their minds, and had developed innovative new ideas and incorporated them into their daily work. They all became more successful without any restrictions. Some of them also successfully adopted new behaviors and views in their private lives, which they had not dared to do before.

In the many conversations between Dieter Liedtke and me, we inevitably came to his ideas about genetic programming as early as 2001. In more than 40 years of dealing with technologies, working in IT as a technician, managing director and board member and still working today, I have designed and developed many innovative projects and products. Therefore, this area of genetic programming naturally interested me at first and later fascinated me as well. Being very technology-oriented by nature, I have been working in the field of cybernetics for many years, dealing with the physical processes in the brain and the nervous system. Through discussions with Dieter Liedtke, my ideas and interest have developed in other directions and his related topics have never left me.

In the last 10 years we have had rather sporadic contacts, as he was intensively engaged in new research, ideas and discoveries and I had set up an international IT company. Only since the recent past have our contacts become more intense again and I can go back to his topics in more detail.

Now that I am closer again and have learned a great deal in the meantime through new genetic studies published by well-known research institutes, my interest in genetic programming has been revived, as these studies have confirmed his early works of art and statements several times over. This has led to the fact that I will support their findings and theories, which are on the verge of global commercialisation, with my own possibilities. An impulse for this has been that I have always been driven by the idea of making the promotion of creativity accessible to as many people as possible and have supported it positively. In addition, I support your theories and ideas from the free web portal aimeim.info about software applications for health promotion that can slow down the aging process and even rejuvenate cells. This means that it can lead to a reversal of the cellular aging process and that these health services are available free of charge to all people.

I honestly admit that sometimes I feel overwhelmed by his ideas and/or theories and then I have to make sure that he has anticipated and affirmed many things for decades. Almost all of his bold ideas have either come true or have been tested / proven in detail by science. Therefore I also support the planned "commercialization" of the project to finance the software development and operation of the aimeim.info platform, in which I will gladly participate. Due to the rapid development of computer technology in general and in the field of Artificial Intelligence in particular, the conditions for a realisation have improved a lot.

Museum directors, as well as scientists from various disciplines, have studied Dieter Liedtke's works more closely. Leading art historians and philosophers put his innovative power as an inventor on a par with Leonardo da Vinci, or even some believe that his creativity goes beyond that of Da Vinci. After I, as a former CEO of an international hospital and web portal software company, among other things, have thoroughly examined his GenClean Internet social networking software projects for gene cleansing and aimeim for cell rejuvenation and discussed his numerous inventions and projects, I can only confirm the experts' statements from my point of view as an entrepreneur, especially since I have personally experienced Dieter Liedtke in difficult situations time and again with his innovative assertiveness in achieving the high goals he has set for himself.

I hope you enjoy reading the little book The New Da Vinci, which aims to give additional impulses to the topics I have touched upon briefly above and to his projects and books described in more detail. Afterwards, you will be able to deal with the newly acquired skills and possibilities. If things get a little more difficult or more abstract in his books, don't be discouraged, because the easiest way to access his theories is always his graphic formula combined with Da Vinci's principle of "Understanding by Looking". This will help you, with numerous illustrations in his books, to find your way through his evolutionary and partly revolutionary concepts, to a new image of yourself and your place in a new and holistic world.


In the end, they will be as fascinated by your new powers of growth and your growing creativity as they are by your ideas, and they will find your participation in the content of your books rewarding.

Surprise yourself.

Karl-Heinz Witt, 2014+2019