Results of research on cell rejuvenation

Existing and known gene programs

Cell Aging

Nature shows that there are genetic programs for cell renewal.

Already present in nature without medicine:

  1. Self-healing of the body's cells and wounds through existing gene programs and information
  2. Cell renewal in newts and salamanders through genetic information and information In functioning animals, but not (yet) present in humans
  3. DNA life of several 1,000 years in animals and plants through existing gene programs and information. It is also present in humans, but has not been activated for thousands of years.
  4. Rejuvenation of all jellyfish and paramecium cells through genetic programs and information
  5. Program for replacement of damaged cells with rejuvenated, embryonic and pluripotent stem cells that assume the age of new cells from the environment.


The self-healing of the body's cells and wounds through existing gene programs and information, and the replacement of old damaged cells with pluripotent or totipotent stem cells that can

the damaged cells.

  1. Cellular alterations through the nocebo effect and placebo through existing gene and information programs.
  2. Genetic and epigenetic effects on genes and cells by existing gene and information programs
  3. Research results from ETH Zurich from 2014 - Thoughts can activate genes.
  4. Research results from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Havard, show in a study that the ageing process of muscle and brain cells can not only be stopped, but that the cells can be rejuvenated by 67%.
  5. A study from Massachusetts General Hospital proves the human mind can turn its own genes on and off.

The reversal of the genetic processes responsible for cellular ageing creates an open and global society

Rejuvenation of all people

Results of research on cell rejuvenation in classical medicine

Today, scientists can already see where the results of cell rejuvenation research are going. Research statements: Rejuvenation of humans will be possible in about 10-20 years with the help of

Injections, tablets, gene scissors, transplants and cloning. Cloning in and on the body itself, reorganization of cells by pluripotent and totipotent cells and by telomerase.

The research and development of cell rejuvenation in classical medicine is very expensive and will be divided into closed groups or social levels in about 20 years due to the high cost of cell rejuvenation.

Level A

Rich people who can afford permanent health, rejuvenation of their body and mind financially.

Level B

People for whom Level A is not financially viable for cost reasons and those who have closed prospects of

  • cognitive powers
  • permanent risk of disease
  • who belong to the group of people who have to die despite the postponed life expectancy.


Aggressive, hateful and closed state systems, terrorism, wars and suicide groups that may even have nuclear weapons.

The result, biblically speaking, is the global resurrection of Cain.

Objectives of aimeim Information Medicine's research findings

Strengthening of the immune system, overall reduction of depression and diseases in the population, prolongation of life, development of cognitive abilities, rejuvenation of all people

Planned launch of aimeim: 2020

The health and cellular rejuvenation of aimeim should be available to everyone free of charge as a social network through the internet portal within 5-10 years.

Effect of aimeim cell rejuvenation for the user
Each day becomes a younger day instead of an older day. 10 years after the start, the user of aimeim is 10 years younger than he was when he started and therefore has a difference to his old gene program, his cellular aging of 20 years. This can be confirmed and certified by internationally active genetic research institutes at the request of the user, in addition to the comparison of appearance through medical examinations, which has been carried out by means of telomorase and a rejuvenation of the cells.

Unlike classical cell rejuvenation medicine, aimeim-free cell rejuvenation will promote open ethical social systems and divided religious communities, as well as the strengthening of human rights.