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Aimeimeim Cellular Rejuvenation

The path to cell rejuvenation through aimeim applications with program and database information. So far, in 30 years, approximately one million euros has been privately funded for research into a cell rejuvenation application. A further 5 million euros are missing for the development of aimeim applications.

The control center - the human brain
Mutual information between cells, the brain, the outside world and the mind runs through the nerve cells of the body and the brain.

The fountain of youth - the new information
Since the brain is the control center for the body's information, a computer program with new information could initiate cell rejuvenation.

DNA, Bewusstsein, Körper
neue Informationen
ewig Leben

MRT picture of an human head:, 16.11.2012

MRT picture of an human head:, 16.11.2012


So that everyone can have free access to rejuvenation and recovery, is taking the radically new path of publishing epigenetically effective "information medicine" on the Internet free of charge.

Empirical studies show that information is the genetic
The double helix of DNA and thus the cellular commands for aging, disease or recovery can be controlled, maintained and supported through the sense organs and thus through the control center of all cells in the body - the brain.

The research and programming of the first application of cell rejuvenation

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The aim of the research is the cellular rejuvenation app aimeim
With the application everyone can participate in a longer and healthier life.

The aimeim application is a free global social network service

Aimeim PLC share packages are distributed to a limited number of aimeim VIPs, with an application test
of cell rejuvenation included in the VIP packages.

Introduction of participation

aimeim PLC

aimeim Zellverjüngung

aimeim Cellular rejuvenation research aimeim
VIP packages with VIP test authorization

with shares in aimeim PLC - Dublin - Ireland

Objective of research: Gain of life

through cellular health and rejuvenation 

VIP packages with participation of aimeim PLC and a work of art

VIP packages with shares and artwork

Participate in shaping the future

  • The inventor artist
    Dieter W. Liedtke donates for the equipment of the VIP packages
    Original graphics and artwork to fund research on cellular rejuvenation.

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Participate in an ethical future as a pioneer...