The valuation per share is set at 0.25 cents for the gift. The share value is calculated by independent international auditors before the IPO, after the aimeim app program (as a positive prototype) has been launched. Until the IPO, the share has a nominal value of 0.25 eurocents and, as it is free, it does not generate any tax. Please ask your tax office or your tax advisor for more information.

  1. Profit: aimeim PLC must be admitted to trading on the stock exchange after the test phase with an expert opinion from an international audit company on the calculated value per share.

  2. Profit: When the shares of aimeim PLC are admitted to trading on the stock exchange. The loss of the share price is not possible because the shares do not cost you anything or not one cent. With this entry price of the shares you can only win with the shares for the first time. The opening price of the aimeim PLC share depends on the positive results of the research on cell rejuvenation with aimeim APP.

  3. Benefit: The stock market value of aimeim PLC shares increases in the medium term, as the first free Wiki comparison health lexicon of aimeim Appals or with the Gen-Clean gene shower as well as with the aimeim app for cell rejuvenation increases the number of users and can thus be developed in the future into a large social health network.

  4. Benefit: The empirically certified effect of the free aimeim cell rejuvenation app has been proven, which will rapidly increase the number of users and stock prices on the stock exchange.

  5. Gain: Government and health organizations and international celebrities using the application recommend aimeim App for health and cell rejuvenation, as well as for the reduction of health costs in general with a growing world population and the reduction of age-related diseases.