Doctors and clinics
For the establishment of health and cell rejuvenation clinics for individual application we are looking for

The Cellular Rejuvenation Program


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Start 2025

Getting younger every day

Revolutionary Internet portal for health and cell rejuvenation programs
for doctors, psychologists, therapists, internists, geneticists

and / or

Healthcare companies and clinics, anti-aging practices and clinics

can apply for the

health and cell rejuvenation program aimeim as a license partner.

Under the name "aimeim

health and cell rejuvenation program is currently being researched, developed and then made available through the free social network as health apps primarily for mobile devices.

Planned launch of the aimeim health and cell rejuvenation program: 2021/22.

Accredited applicants and their employees will be trained on the programs (apps) for the operation of aimeim clinics and practices.

After the successful testing phase of aimeim, licenses will be granted to operate exclusive aimeim clinics or practices that want to implement accelerated cell rejuvenation.

Appropriate equity capital is required for the use in the practice or clinic.

Applicants can make a note and register free of charge and without obligation.
Please send your application with CV and photo or as a company with an extract from the commercial register and the company website to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..