The formula

The formula for rejuvenating all people

The philosopher Niklas Luhmann describes Liedtke's research results like this:                           (- PDF -)

"Dieter Liedtke's formula is an evolutionary achievement. Once invented and introduced, it enables itself. His insights and works of art require the construction of an observer, namely God, for whom time as the totality of all points in time is present."

Prof. Niklas Luhmann

Social scientists and social theorists,

Consultant of the código universo art open art exhibition

The formula

Today's research mission of rejuvenation of the body and eternal life was solved long ago by the universe through the equation:

i = E = MC 2


is made clear. 1.)


If the points of reference of an observer are moved from finite points of view (e.g. the earth) in the finite universe to an "Infinite Universe" and if one takes into account that the universe in the "Eternal Nothing" is permanently expanding and that on all scientific levels the existence of movement or creativity and new information is proven, a new picture of creation emerges for the observer in the eternal universe, from which the nebulae of the unchanging transience of the finites are somewhat taken away by the following explanations.

To the theory of the eternal under the following premises.

In the "Infinite Nothing" a process is created at an infinite number of points in the universe through conscious and system maintaining creative power, which I call the "Above-Nothing", which tears open the "Infinite Nothing". By which for the observer through new information, time, space, gravity in the Infinite Universe new consciousness reference points of the universe arise in which through new information the space of the universe is opened as a birth channel, the space expands and space, time and gravity are connected to evolutionary ones, information networks - families and clusters (or, if you like, according to the belief of the religions, everything is born, equipped, protected and directed by the power of God) in finite forms of being and designed with infinite possibilities that enter the materialized and infinite space- nothing- creation- mixture of the universe.

These are condensed by new information, information networks and the physical-natural laws and slowed down to energy and further to matter (see also the book "Information -The Principle of Creation-" by Dieter W. Liedtke 2014) as well as to biological life systems at infinitely numerous places in the universe where biological life is possible, aligned according to previously existing and species-preserving evolutionary information networks or manifested as a past of time as energy, matter or biological life. The Infinite Universe expands into the "Infinite Nothing" through new information or creative power. Both Infinities interpenetrate each other, are interlocked with each other and, according to these specifications, are based on consciousness, viewpoints, observers, change or creativity without limitations or separations of the universe from the Nothing. The consciousness of the universe is a species-preserving evolutionary self-observation of all points of view of the information and their networks that produces new information, bundles it purposefully and thus becomes visible as information, process, energy and matter.

Accordingly, any bundled point of reference of the focused information of the observer or the information generated by changes in space, time, gravity, atom, energy, electrons, quarks, planets, galaxies, the matter and energy structures of the universe and the universe itself as well as all biological life systems can be seen as a self-aware one, creative, evolutionary and species-preserving unit forming a "consciousness", equipped with an "I" (understood as an information system aware of its limitations and of itself) and creativity and intelligence, can be called a species-preserving self-observer. Self-observing units, even without having a brain, have a "consciousness", with an "I" creativity and intelligence, such as animals, plants, blob mushrooms, unicellular organisms, atoms and quantum physics as well as the universe research with its conservation laws and natural laws and also through the study of the brains, cells, DNA, genes and epigenetics, when viewed from this new perspective, through which research results can be empirically proven. (see also the book by Dieter W. Liedtke "Das Bewusstsein der Materie" (The Consciousness of Matter) from 1982) From this perspective, new fields of research will emerge which will lead us out of the research question fields without answers.

Consciousness, creativity and intelligence is a system-immanent property of the universe that includes the Nothing. A beginning and end of the universe is excluded by the self-generating eternal information power for innovations or information as the "conservation law of energy" or the further "information conservation law" proves even more clearly. But how is this eternal life system of the universe, the "Infinite Nothing", transferred to the smaller units of the biological life systems or their cells? Some plants and animals have been shown by research to have the above-nothing, the species-preserving information network of their genes, which has shown them a way to an apparently everlasting life. 2.)

The biological information unit human beings (such as plants, animals and protozoa), consisting of atoms, matter, space-, time- and conscious information processes in an Eternal Universe of information and based on spiritual, material, biological, species-preserving and evolutionary information systems,


if this information unit is able to integrate the species-preserving information processes of the super-nothingness (creativity) and the evolutionary and species-preserving information resulting therefrom, concerning itself and the overall systems, and the eternally (the life information processes existing in the universe) renewing life information processes in materialized and spiritual form into its gene programs, into its neuronal and spiritual consciousness network in a targeted and natural way.

At the life unit human being new neuronal networks and mental free spaces for the evolution of genes and gene programs are created by his mirror neurons through inner and outer new eternal basic information, partly also epigenetically favored, which enable the way of a lasting and healthy life of this life unit. What is obvious and possible due to telomerase as well as recovery and rejuvenation processes will be easily verifiable from a medical and scientific point of view.

Humans will also become global, if they automate these processes, for example by a mobile app, information not yet materialized and not yet available in their information network of gene programs, with controlled and targeted "super-nothing processes" (consciously transgressing life limits, evolution and species-preserving, promoting creativity programming of genes) through species-preserving consciousness evolution, on all levels into his body cell programs in a natural way by information to improve his health and spiritually and to renew or rejuvenate his biological existence again and again as well as to achieve through creativity and the innovations resulting from it "an ethically, holistically conscious, understanding the I as the timeless WE, controlled, spiritual, material and biological life unity" with the eternal universe. 3.)


"An eternal life is original, sustainable2) and in natural and profound harmony with the eternity of the universe. Man has arrived home."


Dieter Walter Liedtke

1) The red/yellow graphic formula for creations or its continuing physical equivalent: i = E = MC2 (i = information) not only shows that information is the physical origin of the evolution of the universe but also proves that information connects the materialized world with the creative world of the ideas of consciousness, as quantum physics documents. Hereby the formula proves the unity of spirit and matter whereby in the context of the consciousness of the signs MC2 also M stands for the neuronal network and the spirit of the biological life units or of the human being which will lead to evolutionary and eternal biological life units by epigenetic and genetic reprogramming of the gene programs, starting from the new consciousness of the human beings, by the purposeful abolition of the old thinking or life boundaries

C2 by information in the neuronal brain networks.

2) Medical research is about to give people the long desired immortality.

But due to the limited financial possibilities for large parts of the population, a new terror divide will be created between the modern immortals (about 20% of the population that can afford it) and the yesterday's and mortals (about 80% of the population that cannot afford a medicine for rejuvenating the body cells). But how do we get into a positive ethical world in which all people have several centuries of time and prosperity to develop their thinking, consciousness and creativity to further develop the world? The human right is only in the last 100 years a hard-earned supreme good which is strengthened by a growing and more conscious world population and by the UN. Our over thousands of years old history proves this;

more people = more human rights, more freedom, more prosperity, more health and more life time.


Each person brings along approx. 1200 - 1500 grams of genetically creative, but partially blocked by fears, brain mass. Historically, we owe perhaps 2000 brains (2.4 - 3 tons of brain mass with approx. 150 million tons of brain with 110 billion people) that have lived in human history so far - approx. 0.000002% - which have also been persecuted, eliminated or executed), our development of freedom, health, food and our present three or four times our lifetime. Today we have about 10 million tons of living, human brain mass on planet Earth, of which about 100,000 tons of brains (700,000 to 800,000 people or about 0.01% in different stages have been discovered in the last 70 years through creativity. It is to them that we owe our particularly rapid and, in part, sustainable satisfaction of demand in societies. This unlocking of creativity and its use will develop exponentially. In 10 to 20 years we will have 5-10% of creativity enabled people (500 to 1000 times more) who want to continue this process and only produce sustainable resources so that humans, animals, in and with nature, live together according to ethical principles. For this purpose, the fears about a new media law (based on the UN Human Rights Charter and the neurological and epigenetic research results of the new millennium), which are staged in society by the media, must be minimized with a media code. Whistleblowers such as Julian Assange or Edward Snowden and their protection by society have an important system-correcting and creativity-accelerating significance for this revolutionary but necessary development for survival with ethical and sustainable creative resources of human beings without fear of those in power, the human rights violations of those in power or their empire structures. Every human being must have the right (it is his human right) to live permanently and healthily without staged fears, even without the use of capital, in order to preserve his knowledge, his consciousness and his personality through a selective perception of innovations; to separate garbage, fear and life-minimizing information from life-sustaining information, to choose and, if he wants, to develop himself further and, at any age, to learn new professions with a fresh mind and body, to study, to devote himself to the arts, to humans, to nature or to the self and to his own creative power and, temporarily or permanently, to do nothing in the developing affluent society, with self-learning programs and robots, especially since the "nothing" is the relative inseparable from creation.

The history of mankind proves; growing creativity enables health, longer life time, prosperity for all people and a natural and clean environment, sustainably produced food, energy and resources as well as through new information an ever developing creativity of all people.

"The swarm creativity or intelligence of humanity makes them the creator."


Separations and exclusions promote exploitation through minimized intelligence and banality of the ruling classes and hinder their own and all people's intelligence development through false information, reduction of consciousness and creativity and the resulting consciousness-limited action. Mankind protects itself and nature through the new results of the sciences which pass this knowledge on to the population so that it can further democratically develop the lives of all people through information, innovations and information about the species-preserving future possibilities as well as through action. The world society, as our history of the last 50 years (despite the wars staged by power structures) proves, is strengthened by this interpretation of the growth of creativity by a growing world population of 20 or 100 billion people as well as by a lasting and healthy life in prosperity for every human being through growing creativity. Today the point has been reached that this process can no longer be reversed without a global destruction of creativity and that for the first time humanity can grow into an ethically designed age without limitations of the world population.      

If politics and the media can solve the future equation;

"More people = More creativity


More ethical and sustainable solutions"

allows and promotes so that an ethically changed and new capitalism can develop we get the best of all possible worlds.

3.) unity of the world.

The General Theory of Information - If "everything" is information and consists of self-sustaining, open initial information networks and information clusters, then the laws of nature, space, time, dark energy and matter, matter and antimatter are the universe, the genes and cells, life, evolution, creativity, intelligence, ego and we-consciousness, feeling, cognition, life forms, the human being, vision, intuition as well as society, as well as its freedom and ethics, health, lifetime and prosperity of people can be shaped by information and its media.