Shares and business purpose - aimeim PLC, Dublin, Ireland

aime's actions
aimeim - the social network for health and cell rejuvenation

aimeim PLC, The Black Church, St. Mary ́s Place, Dublin 7, Ireland, CRO No. 545616 is the global and exclusive user of aimeim's sales or operating licences by licence agreement.

aimeim will develop the Internet portal and the free social network as an offer for the recovery and cellular rejuvenation of human beings through information. Two applications are to be developed - GenClean and aimeim - and the central server software.

The company has a share capital of 40,000 euros, divided into 16 million shares at 0.25 cents each. It will issue 16 million ordinary shares with voting rights. Of the 16 million ordinary shares, a limited number of voting shares will be issued as free registered shares. The free registered shares of the company are not for sale. Free registered shares are issued to employees, business partners and purchasers of sponsorship and VIP packages.

Confirmation of participation is sent to the shareholder or his administrator by email. Shareholders participate in the payment of company dividends. The owners of the registered shares or their trustees are listed as shareholders in the share register at the registered office of the company or at the trustee's office. The shareholders or their trustees will be registered in the appropriate trade register at the registered office of the company upon request and against reimbursement of expenses. Information about the Company and invitations to shareholders' meetings are sent to the shareholder or director exclusively by e-mail. To the extent permitted by law, agreements on capital increases become legally binding with 50 % and one share of the share capital represented.

Initiation and use of funds
The capital obtained from the sale of the VIP packages, after deduction of the costs of creating art and the costs of advertising and distribution, will be used to finance the company aimeim PLC.

Limited bonus shares
The promotion of VIP packages is limited to 1,000.

Commercial objective of aimeim PLC
Raising capital and funding for the purchase, research and development of software and implementation of the worldwide exclusive licences for cell regeneration (GenClean) and cell rejuvenation (aimeim) by providing information for the aimeim PLC social network and Internet portal.

Funding will also be given to research into the effects of materialised and non-materialised information according to Dieter W. Liedtke's information theory and, through information, to reformat the structures of epigenetic and genetic programmes in DNA and to stimulate genetic programmes in a natural way to restore the health of body cells or to install new programme interfaces in genetic programmes which, if necessary, allow the cells of the body to reverse the ageing process in a controlled way through new and non-materialised information.

Objectives of aimeim:

Gene purification, gene and DNA programs

Reduction of depression and illness

  1. Anti-addiction programs
  2. Neurological and biological monitoring programmes for application purposes 1. to 3.
  3. DNA conversion for cell rejuvenation through new gene program interfaces (meta-interfaces)
  4. food development
  5. Software development
  6. Biological control programs to determine the life span obtained by DNA testing (before and after the application of aimeim). Determination of the biological age of the cells and measurement of the length of the telomeres and/or the structure and biological state of the muscles and the structure of the skin

The company has no extraordinary liabilities.

Capital requirements
The company's capital requirements have been calculated in several stages at approximately

Initial public offering
The Company's shares are intended to be traded on a stock exchange in the medium term - following the launch of the GenClean and aimeim products.

No performance forecasts can be given at this time.