Healthy and eternal life

No fear of overpopulation

- Every new citizen of the world is welcome -

The positive and ethical effects of a younger and healthier world population, as well as one that is constantly growing and not dying, are described in the book: Information - The Principle of Creation by Dieter W. Liedtke through the equation: i = E*. It has also been made visible as a process of knowledge in his art exhibition Code Universe. He points out: Creativity or art and information is the energetic raw material of the future, which with every healthy and permanently living human being as well as through the growing world population, in harmony with nature, leads to differentiated and ethical platforms of prosperity as well as the spiritual and material wealth of all people.

* i (information) = E (energía)
The equation i = E connects the theory of relativity with quantum theory and also shows that information is the inexhaustible physical, mental and biological energy of a growing and unified humanity.

Who is the inventor of aimeim and Globalpeace?

The artist and inventor of aimeim Dieter W. Liedtke shows the effect of epigenetic information in his works usually 10 to 30 years before the research.

Quotes about the artist inventor

"The works of Dieter Liedtke and the Universe Code have functions that expand the mind. They open up a new world to the viewer, the art historian and the researcher.

Prof. Karl Ruhrberg, Cologne 1997

"The selective intervention and rapid acceleration of biocultural evolution that would be possible as a result would probably far outshine all current cloning possibilities. On closer examination, the formula of the art of open living + expansion of consciousness = art perhaps even describes a theoretical concept for the bio-cultural evolution of humanity as a whole".

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Schrenk

"His early findings are documented in his artwork, books and exhibitions shortly after his creation. They regularly find confirmation in the fact that, independently of Liedtke's art and research, years later leading scientists in various fields of science have provided evidence of Liedtke's results through new studies. In 2000, neurobiologist Eric Kandel was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research results, which were 20 years ahead of their time by the works of art of Dieter W. Liedtke and documented in his book: Das Bewusstsein der Materie (published in 1982). In 2006, researchers Andrew Fire and Craig Mello received the Nobel Prize for their 1998 discovery of how information controls genes, thus confirming in a first step Dieter W. Liedtke's artwork from the 1980s that genes and gene programs can be turned on and off.

Dr. Thomas Föhl

"In his own artistic work Dieter Liedtke, the contemporary Leonardo da Vinci, has shaped this effort to expand awareness in the image and the object. The path from the second to the fourth dimension, the white genes".

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann


"For Liedtke, man is structured like the earth, he has consciousness and subconscious, genes and genetic information. But his mind contains a lot of water, a lot of subconscious. And his thoughts are like boats. Since the subconscious has a large proportion of the structures of the human personality, the absorption of new contents can only lead to changes through these. Only in this way does the person reach a new level of consciousness. Everything has to be put in the water, that the ships, which carry the thoughts, which so much unlearn to keep stupid schedules, in order to generate new thoughts and visions, networked in the original substance, in the water. Only through this high degree of dilution is healing, homeopathic help possible.

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann