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MRT picture of an human head:, 16.11.2012
MRT imagen de una cabeza humana:,16.11.2012

In order to provide all people with free access to rejuvenation and recovery, is taking the radically new path of publishing epigenetically effective "medicine" information on the Internet..

Empirical studies and research results show that information can control, maintain and support the genetic programs of the DNA double helix, so that cellular commands for aging, disease or recovery can be controlled, maintained and supported by the sense organs and thus by the control center of all body cells - the brain..


The control center for cell rejuvenation is the human brain

Mutual information between cells, the brain, the outside world (sense organs) and the mind runs through the nerve cells of the body and the brain.

The fountain of youth: The new information.

Since the brain is the control center of the body's information, a computer program with new information could initiate cell rejuvenation.

The Internet portal for the recovery and rejuvenation of body cells offers the user two levels through the applications aimeim and GenClean


Old gene programs
/ cell aging

New gene programs through information

somatic cell rejuvenation

The gene shower: By cleaning the gene programs with GenClean, which is used as an alternative to classical medicine. With GenClean, every user worldwide can clean their genes and epigenetic and genetic programs and make them new and healthier on their own with a new "high level format".

GenClean the gender shower
The epigenetic recovery program

GenClean is adequate:

  • to strengthen the immune power of the cells and the body
  • on genetic modifications of DNA and the activation of gene programmes to contain bacterial and viral pandemics
  • to support the reduction of addictions
  • as a supplement to the reduction of depression and other mental and physical illnesses
  • to promote improved neural brain networking (becoming more creative and intelligent).

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